Terms and Conditions

TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, IN NO EVENT SHALL ENGINES DIRECT DISTRIBUTORS, LLC. ITS AFFILIATES, AND RESPECTIVE PROVIDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY INJURY, DEATH, LOSS, CLAIM, DAMAGE, ACT OF GOD, ACCIDENT, DELAY, OR ANY SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, PUNITIVE, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND, WHETHER BASED IN CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, WHICH ARISE OUT OF OR ARE IN ANY WAY CONNECTED WITH ANY USE OF THE PURCHASE OF THIS PRODUCT. If, despite the limitation above, Engines Direct Distributors, LLC. and Affiliates or their respective Providers are found liable for any loss or damage which arises out of or in any way connected with any of the occurrences described above, then Engines Direct Distributors. LLC., the Affiliates, or their respective Providers liabilities will in no event exceed, in the aggregate, the greater of (a) the purchase price paid to Engines Direct Distributors, LLC. in connection with such transaction(s) , or (b) Two-Thousand Dollars (US$2000.00).